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The first rough-cut finished!

The first draft of the rough-cut is finished. It’s long...But finally, this labor of love has produced its first tangible fruit.

January 2020

Rough Cut PIcture.jpg

Rural America Project

The Rural America Project, a photographic “by-product” of the film production process, is invited to be showcased at Andes Society for History and Culture in the summer of 2020. 

November 2019

Rough Cut PIcture.jpg

Screenings in Andes

We show 40 min of the edited film (7 scenes) at two screenings in Andes, and do Q&As afterwards. Both days the screening rooms are full to capacity, and the response is tremendous. We have no doubt now that this film will have a life. It can make people laugh and cry.

August 2019

Rough Cut PIcture.jpg

RAG's Award

The Town that Shot the Sheriff gets a New York State Council on the Arts grant via The Roxbury Arts Group. We screen the teaser of the film and do a Q&A in Roxbury, NY, with other artists/grantees at the RAG’s reception.

April 2019

Rough Cut PIcture.jpg

The Great Western Catskills International Film Festival

The Town that Shot the Sheriff is presented as a work-in-progress at the Great Western Catskills International Film Festival. The reaction and response from the audience are very positive. This is the first time we present the film’s idea and the teaser to a roomful of non-filmmakers. 

October 2018

Rough Cut PIcture.jpg
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